Resistor exists to create uncommon music

Located in the center of Nashville TN, Resistor offers a unique environment catering to the creation and production of music in an atmosphere that stimulates experimentation and extols individuality. 

The fundamental philosophy of Resistor is the notion that the recording artist is best served, sonically, aesthetically and commercially, by making music true to their wholly unique artistic vision.



The silver heart of Resistor is the Quad Eight Cornado console. Manufactured in the mid seventies, this console's former home was The Carriage House in Silverlake, CA. Sonically it falls in a hybrid space exhibiting the cinematic clarity of a motion picture console as it was often originally used, and the saturated warmth of classic analog consoles. It has also been described as being "between a Neve and API console".



Resistor is home to carefully picked vintage and modern gear including Q8 compressors, Sanke built Neve 1272 pre amps, Bryce Gonzalez's BG2 compressors, Chandler Abbey Road pre amps and compressors, various microphones selected for their character from Royer prototypes to Pearlman, Oktavamod, Shiny Box ribbons, Telefunken and Sure, vintage amplifiers by Fender, Vox, Harmony, Standel, and Gibson, a selection of electric, acoustic and bass guitars known for their offbeat tonal palette, pedal and lap steel guitars, 1970's era Ludwig "Levon Helm" drum kit, keyboards including Roland Juno 60, Korg synths, Critter and Guitari, Hardman baby grand piano and the new Mellotron, unique hand built instruments and tape delays, various spring reverbs and effects and the venerable Roland 201 Space Echo.



More important than any gear however is the environment Resistor provides to those artists looking to create music true to their own unique and often under-nurtured point of view. An eccentric selection of books, pictures and music stimulates creativity and thoughtfulness. 


Photo Credits-
Chris Ledrew: Fender Amps, Rhythm Ace, Organ Keys, Kay Bass, Master Control Panel
All Others: Mike Taylor